We are CO2 Neutral

We give back in
line with our impact

Interparking commitsInterparking doubles your contribution for the benefit of the environment

Committing to the future of the planet

Sustainable development is a major concern of Interparking. Therefore, we agree with you to double your contribution to the mangrove plantation project. Per euro* we plant two mangroves. In total, we plan to plant more than 200,000 mangroves representing +/- 80 hectares which will be planted thanks to this climate & biodiversity project.

* in total the equivalent of  1,000 kilometers driven with your car

What will be the impact of your donation?

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Kilometres travelledMangroves to plantPersonal donationDonation from Interparking
10,00020€ 5€ 5
20,00040€ 10€ 10
40,00080€ 20€ 20
60,000120€ 30€ 30
100,000200€ 50€ 50
200,000400€ 100€ 100